Chasing for a steal

Did I say, that I have enough money to spend for my hobby now? Well, why not chasing for a steal anyway…
So at first, as per my own definition of retro, i need to make sure what i want and I’ve came up with the idea of getting a gaming rig from the era pre-multicores. My first choice would have been something like a Pentium 4 2,8 GHz but i remembered that i always preferred AMD before Intel, maybe because they were cheaper, less power hungry…i don’t even know why.
So, no Intel, but AMD instead and what should i go for? I was a big fan of the AMD performance rating of the Athlon XP models and i also had one of those. (A 2100+, way to slow for almost everything)
Normally i would have loved to go to a flea market anywhere around – or something like thrift shop but i had nothing like that available. Unfortunately we don’t even have something like thrift shops in Germany, as far as i know. Therefore, my choice was Ebay and I don’t know if it’s similar in other countries but in Germany you will get overwhelmed with ugly-looking, all the same IBM Thinkcenters, Dell Precisions and even more ugly Fujitsu PCs. But i was looking for something with a little more character and spirit… so i‘ve chosen this baby – and made a bargain for sure!

Retro PC

Okay, I admit, it‘s not the best looking but it‘s internal components are quite neat. AMD 3000+, 2GB Ram, DVD Burner and a 120GB HDD with Windows XP on it. I am really excited on how it looks like but something very important is missing… Where is the Graphics Card…?

Let‘s get the next steal than!

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