No signal = no fun!

Busy days have gone by the last week. I was on a trade show for my company to promote our business entrance in Germany. So unfortunately i had zero time to visit the two Boxes from Ebay waiting for me in my new room, dedicated to my new hobby.

Yesterday evening I took myself some time to, at least, unbox the goodies I’ve ordered and I have to admit, that I am quite happy about what i got.

The PC:

I have to admit – it’s certainly not the best looking PC I’ve ever seen but it seems to be constructed quite well, if I ignore the slightly hanging Power Supply for a moment. It’s clean, it seems to be working, so I am fine with that. I will certainly change some of the parts in the next weeks, starting with the oddly hanging power supply but for the moment I am happy.

The Graphics Card:


Way more beautiful, at least from a weird, nerdy perspective is the graphics card. My own graphics card from that time was a rather old Radeon 9000 Pro and it was not fast at all. I remember myself dreaming of owning one the X800 cards but never had enough money to buy one. Unfortunately I didn’t get the fastest X800 XT but the Pro will suit my needs perfectly. And it looks beautiful…really!


The peripherals:

In order to match the retro appearance and the look and feel of my 2003 gaming PC I took the oldest Keyboard (Logitech G105, built in 2012) and the oldest Mouse (Logitech G400 from 2011). Both have seen better days, for sure. The final piece of the puzzle was a display, so i looked around in my area and find somebody who wanted to give away his 17″ CRT for free and i took it. It’s a rather generic 17″ CRT without any branding and, unfortunately, without function…


Let’s hope it’s not the graphics card…but I don’t think so, i don’t want to think so… The journey goes on!

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