Man, it has been quite a while since my last blog post – almost two weeks now. Two busy weeks apparently. Unfortunately my real life does not care a lot about my new-found hobby, nor do my customers do but I will not complain since I had some very succesful two weeks. Working as a Business Development Manager, you are always on the edge of failure, it keeps the pressure high and pressure keeps me running. In some ways I seem to be an old steam machine…

Back to topic, my rather unhappy experience from the last time didn’t get better actually. I was quite disappointed in the first place, since my dream machine had almost been ready. In addition to that, I was really lacking the time of diving into the problem deeper than I did. I switched most of the components to other ones and nothing seemed to be working properly.

On one point I decided to grab my old (almost 10 years old now) private gaming PC with a somewhat newer i5-750 and some Radeon from the late 2000s from the basement and hopefully it would be working but I discovered that it is not the best idea to storage computer hardware in a basement which is only somewhat dry, not entirely. To be honest…i was really happy to not find a dead mouse in it, it was quite disgusting…

It was time for a tradeoff and that is how it looks like now…don’t blame me for finding a convenient solution! 🙂


So what did I do? I simply grabbed my old, reliable, Lenovo T500 Notebook with a Core 2 Duo P8400 and a dedicated Radeon HD3650, which is, to be honest, way more actual than I thought i would seek but i have to admit, it works flawlessly and the Lenovo driver support for those old notebooks and Windows XP is also very nice. And it’s fast, it’s really fast…not to mention the 120GB SSD in it.

I know, that’s not retro, that’s not even close to retro but it works flawlessly and it is a treat to play with. So for this, the convenient solution will serve my early 2000s gaming needs.

However…is discovered my next need on my „studies“ of retro gaming channels on YouTube. (#LGR) That would be a late 90s, native DOS based Pentium 1 or 2 Gaming PC with some kind of a Voodoo or Riva TNT Graphics card…

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